Headsets for computers mobile phones、PS3、 PS4、 Xbox one、Xbox 360 and other audio players.


Found in 1998, Huizhou Boxin Electronic CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer who speci

alizes indesigning, developing and producing various headphones wildly used in computer, IPhone, PS3, PS4, XBOXone, XBOX360 and other music players.Focus on the research and technology development as well as continued innovation, we are able to design and develop high-qulity product and master a complete manufacturing process. All of our products are strictly manufactured according to ISO, CE, ROHS and REACH. We enjoy not only advaced testing equipments and manufacturing facilities, but also experience united and passionate R&D team and management team.

We are in this line of business for almost 21 years. Excellent quality and comprehensive service bring us a good reputation and significant market in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Boxin Electronic sincerely welcome all visitors at home and abroad. In line with full of our sincere,high quality products, satisfactory service, competitive price to cooperate with you. To join hands in creating our win-win program.

EXPORTING PRODUCTS WORLDWID                                                                                                                                                We sell our products to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the US, Mexico, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Our good reputation has brought us significant market in more and more countries all over the world.Major Customers:Wal-Mart,HAMA,IMATION,Sony,VIVANCO,Vcom.
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We specialized in headphones creation,because we already have enough enthusiasm.  
We are delicated to explore headphones,just to let the sweetest notes without regret.                               We provide you with more than just headphones,but most tide coolest visual shock.